Podcast – Tales from the Tea Room

‘Tales from the Tea Room’ is a podcast that touches upon the subtleties, the existential, and the ‘everyday’ qualities of being gay men. Monthly conversations with Jason Holmes, Edgar Rodríguez-Dorans, and guests.

Episode 19 – I dreamt of a stranger

Episode 18 – Shower thoughts of loss and queer love

Episode 17 – Commemorating LGBT History Month by remembering ‘Dr Anonymous’

Episode 16 – On Poetry and Religion

Episode 15 – The boundaries of ‘Queer’

Episode 14 – On queer photography

Episode 13 – On World AIDS Day

Episode 12 – Holding hands as an act of bravery

Episode 11 – What is ‘home’?

Episode 10 – Music that has affected us

Episode 9 – On sexual health

Episode 8 – Painting our nails for gender nonconformity

Episode 7 – Films we’ve grown up with

Episode 6 – Life imitates art

Episode 5 – On friendships

Episode 4 – For an LGBTQ inclusive curriculum in schools

Episode 3 – Gay male psychotherapists’ experiences using Grindr

Episode 2 – The erotic-romantic tension in gay men’s relationships

Tales from the Tea Room – A new podcast on the daily lives of gay men

Jason and Edgar having tea by Joel Perez-Negrin