Episode 9 – On sexual health

For the 9th episode of Tales from the Tea Room, Jason and I had two special guests, Lewis Clarke and Chase Ledin, Edinburgh-based researchers who led a conversation on gay men and sexual health. Talking from the perspectives of public health, queer theory, and of course, from personal experience, this episode was insightful and thought-provoking.

Jason and Edgar having tea by Joel Perez-Negrin

4 thoughts on “Episode 9 – On sexual health

  1. Fantastic episode. Recorded in Leith due to the seagulls?? Haha.

    I’m Jamie Stewart, living with far too many letters after my name. I’m not as professional in the way these 2 interviewees are but have lots to say about gayness and Christianity/faith, gayness and queerness, HIV and ageing, BPD, living in the 80s and 90s, coming out, and generations within gayworld.
    I am articulate and have lots of lived experience: HIV, homelessness, mental illness, chem sex, being a church of England vicar and chaplain!

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    1. Hi Jamie,

      That’s a good ear for the details; we were on the Royal Mile and there were many seagulls flying around there, we like to keep them as a background sound. Sometimes we have bagpipes too!

      Thanks for your comment, it sounds you have a very rich lived experience with many interesting subjects we could talk about! Let’s organise something!



      1. I actually LIVE on the Royal Mile haha.

        Listened to Ali and Chris in your latest podcast too. Volunteered with them.

        I’m basically a person who has dipped his toe into many experiences, mostly driven by gay shame, as explored in Velvet Rage and StraightJacket.


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