Episode 15 – The boundaries of ‘Queer’

Who gets to call themselves Queer? Where does Queerness begin, where does it end, and who gets to determine these boundaries? These are some of the questions that our special guest, Phiona Stanley, addressed in our 15th episode of Tales from the Tea Room. Drawing on personal experience and rich scholarship, she made of this … Continue reading Episode 15 – The boundaries of ‘Queer’

Episode 14 – On queer photography

What are the subjects that need to be addressed in queer photography? What are the photographs that you're still to take? To start 2020 on an artsy note, Jason and I invited special guest Ross Jordan to answer these questions and to talk about queer photography. From the night scene in Berlin and art galleries … Continue reading Episode 14 – On queer photography

Episode 12 – Holding hands as an act of bravery

After a three-month pause, Tales from the Tea Room comes back with an episode that celebrates our 1st anniversary of conversations on the everyday lives of gay men. On this occasion we talk about LGBTQ couples holding hands and the emotions, thoughts, and responses that this deceivingly simple act generates within ourselves and in others. … Continue reading Episode 12 – Holding hands as an act of bravery

Episode 9 – On sexual health

For the 9th episode of Tales from the Tea Room, Jason and I had two special guests, Lewis Clarke and Chase Ledin, Edinburgh-based researchers who led a conversation on gay men and sexual health. Talking from the perspectives of public health, queer theory, and of course, from personal experience, this episode was insightful and thought-provoking. … Continue reading Episode 9 – On sexual health