Episode 12 – Holding hands as an act of bravery

After a three-month pause, Tales from the Tea Room comes back with an episode that celebrates our 1st anniversary of conversations on the everyday lives of gay men. On this occasion we talk about LGBTQ couples holding hands and the emotions, thoughts, and responses that this deceivingly simple act generates within ourselves and in others. Hosted by Edgar Rodriguez-Dorans and Jason Holmes with Davide Bargna as our special guest.

Jason and Edgar having tea by Joel Perez-Negrin

3 thoughts on “Episode 12 – Holding hands as an act of bravery

  1. I love the kind of topics you have covered on your blog. I can really, really relate to some.
    You’ve earned a new follower! I can’t wait to read more and listen to more of what you post and discuss


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