Episode 19 – I dreamt of a stranger

This is the second episode of a mini-series dedicated to talk with the authors of the book The Everyday Lives of Gay Men, Autoethnographies of the Ordinary.

Our special guest, filmmaker Julian Triandafyllou talks about his chapter I dreamt of a stranger, through which he offers us an immersive experience of his journey of finding intimacy and processing the impact of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). He narrates his experiences as Julian the adult trying to create a psychological safe space for Julian the boy. He takes us with him into different episodes when looking for connections and engaging in camming, nightclub erotics, as well as more harrowing images of public indecency and assault. Amidst the processing of CSA, Julian managed to find in camming, filmmaking, and writing a safe space for negotiation of agency and intimacy, creating an opportunity for him to reduce some of the impact of CSA and the silence that surrounds it.

Jason and Edgar having tea by Joel Perez-Negrin

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